Project Kindness is a way for me to give back. We have all faced adversity at some time or another. We have all faced sadness. This a way for me to give back and for you to do something kind for someone with no benefit to you whatsoever. You can remain anonymous if you prefer it.

I am so grateful and humbled to finally be doing something that I absolutely love and while my photography is how I help provide for my own family, I would like to volunteer some of that time to a special family or person that you think would benefit from a session with me. It is not limited to a newborn session.

It could be a studio session with me, a park or studio session for a family, or a newborn session.

There are no strings attached at all and will cost them nothing but their own time and I will give them the best of the session images to help preserve memories that they could otherwise not afford.

Please email me with their story at and use "Project Kindness" for your email heading.

Linda xx