Newborn Sessions

When is the best time to book a newborn session?

The best time to contact me for a session is as soon as you have cleared your first trimester. I'm usually booked approximately 4-6 months in advance so the sooner the better.

How do you book the due date in? What if baby comes early/late?

I only accommodate a certain amount of newborns per month for that exact reason. I will pencil your due date in and it allows me to accommodate late/early babies. This strategic scheduling allows me to accommodate your baby in the first few weeks of birth.

Do I need to bring anything?

My studio is a haven of newborn props. All you need to bring are a few essentials (nappies etc) which are on your contract once you have booked (which will be emailed to you.)

How long do sessions last?

I am a ‘baby led’ photographer. Your baby, is my boss. They will govern how long sessions take depending on if they are cluster feeding, settled, unsettled etc. Mostly sessions can take between 3-4 hours. I only do one session per day, so we continue until we fill your gallery with beautiful images.

How much is a newborn session?

My session/booking fee is $200 and is non refundable.

That does not include any images.

My minimum spend is a basic digital package starting at $895 for 10 display worthy images.

Please email me for a detailed price list lindagphoto@gmail.com

When do I need to pay the minimum package?

The $200 session fee is paid as soon as you secure your booking. The minimum package is paid by the date of your session after you have given birth. Any upgrades over and above that can be done after you have viewed your gallery.

What are the payment options?

Bank transfer, Cash or Paypal transfer (which incurs a 5% fee)

Do you only do studio sessions?

Yes, I have a beautiful home studio which is filled with beautiful props at the rear of my property located on the border of Kingsgrove and Roselands, Sydney. I would be very limited as to the styling of my sessions if I had to incorporate travel into it. My studio is comfy, warm and the perfect sleepy playground for newborns and sleep deprived parents.

Can myself, my partner as well as out other children be in the images?

Yes absolutely. Usually I will shoot siblings together, then parents and then family shots. Once they are captured, I then ask that dad takes siblings out while we concentrate on your newborns images.

How long does a session take?

Many photographers will simply wrap baby for every session therefore sessions can be done within an hour or two however, my passion for capturing a beautiful gallery takes a little more time and care. Some set ups/poses can take anywhere from 5 minutes to half an hour per set up. Again, this will depend on baby. True artistic and professional newborn photography can simply not be rushed. I try to capture a mixture of wrapped and unwrapped images for you... therefore, the time of the session is governed by your baby, their mood, personality, feed patterns etc etc. Please also take into consideration that if you want family photos or if you have toddlers as well this all contributes to the time a session will take. Realistically i would count on at least a 3-4hr session.

How many images do you take?

I take enough images to be able to present you with a minimum of at least 25 display worthy images to choose from. Here is a link to my newborn gallery https://lindagphotography.com.au/portfolio/newborns

When do we see our images?

I will always try to pop a sneak peek a few ours after your session if possible. This only varies due to my workload and overlapping baby arrival dates but I am totally aware that you are keen to see them and I do my best to get them up as soon as possible. I generally try to upload your unedited gallery within a few days. Once you make your selections it takes approximately 2-3 weeks to edit and this can be delayed if there are prints/albums or wall art to be ordered.

Are you immunised?

Yes, I am up to date with all relevant immunisations that are required when handling newborns. I am also very vigilant when it comes to hygiene. I have trained family and friends on the importance of passing on viruses, stomach flus and colds etc. If they are unwell they know and respect not to come into contact with me. I also ask all of my clients to also consider this when they are doing any type of session with me. I would rather reschedule a session in order to keep all my newborns that I come into contact with, safe; including yours. If toddlers etc are not well, even on the morning of the session, please let me know immediately so we can reschedule.

How can we prep for our newborn session with you?

Sessions start at 10am. That should leave you plenty of time to avoid Sydney traffic and be here on time. Please bathe baby either the morning of the session or the night before. As for feeding, please feed baby as per normal. If you need to feed before you leave home, do so. Alternatively if timing works, you will simply feed as soon as you get here. Please dont let this stress you out. Do your best to be here on time working around your baby. If y ou are going to be be late at all, please be courteous enough to let me know. Pleas be sure to dress baby in an front opening romper and absolutely nothing that requires me to pull it over their heads. This includes no singlets or short sleeve underwear rompers. Use a blanket to keep baby warm if you are concerned. There is a very practical reason for this, please ensure that you are able to accommodate this request.

What else should we bring?

4-5 extra nappies

A dummy/pacifier

Lunch and snacks-you will get hungry. Please make sure you do this, sessions can go for a few hours, you are already tired so sustenance is important to be able to cope with a session like this.

Come in comfortable loose clothing or layers that you can remove. Studio is approximately 27 degrees to accommodate an unwrapped baby and you will need to stay comfy.

Im not sure if we want to be in photos but if we do, what should we wear?

I really encourage you to be in your babies images. You may not feel the best at the moment but years from now these images will be cherished by you as well as your baby. Do not worry about sleep deprivation, photoshop is amazing at making you look the way you usually do! Keep your make up and hair simple and make sure your hands are as clean or manicured as possible as they will be visible. Most family shots are taken above the hips/waist so bottom half isn't as visible for clothing. Keep colours in the mid tone range...Avoid black and avoid white tops. I generally suggest teh following:

For dads: v neck tshirts in mid grey/charcoal, mid blue or navy pink, khaki,light blue work best. Avoid stripes, large logos, polos, prints and any type of collar

For mums: Soft nudes/blushes, creams and most light tones will work with what Ive suggested for dads. Avoid vibrant colours or bold prints, these newborn images are about welcoming your baby into your life and your connection, not so much about the outfits.

Siblings/Toddlers: Please keep in mind what I've suggested for parents. Frilly tutus and glitzy outfits are not really complimenting to the softer simple looks Ive recommended. I find linens, cottons and anything organic works best. Same rules apply for things to avoid.

Remember, shoes are not going to be worn in the studio and wont be visible in the images therefore thats one thing less to worry about coordinating.

Are you a member of the AIPP? (Australian Institute Professional Photography)

Yes, I am proud to say that I am an active member of the only professional photography organisation in Australia and have won several awards over the last five years.

Can we take photos and videos during our session?

For copyright reasons, any footage taken during a session needs to be captured only on my equipment so I am more than happy to allow you to use my phone to capture some behind the scene footage which I can view, select and share with you.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me